3 thoughts on “By Barbara Christopher, with Brad Wise, Amanda Beck, Jena Barchas-Lichtenstein, and Janet Louise Clarke”

  1. Each of the four dangly bits is two-sided. The bits can twist, and jumble the meaning (as seen in this photo, “baby to grow time for”), but the most coherent (and melancholy) sentence is this:
    baby / there’s no / TIME / left //
    for / YOU / to GROW / OLD
    Thanks for this, Jena. These are the kind of details I hope to bring out in the ‘2-Sided & 3D Collage Gallery,’ coming soon. Of course no online gallery can replace in-person viewing, but I will do what I can. Requests for details and perspectives are very helpful. Thanks again!

  2. Marty, would you be willing to post all the text from the dangly bits (which I know for sure make a sentence, read linearly) and from the top (which I imagine do as well) here? They’re a bit hard to read here, and of course not all are visible!