Amy Tingle

Dec 19, 2023 @ 4:43 AM
This is the original started by Laura Davies. I added the red backpack and white circles falling from it. Tears, snow, dust, something else? What lies beneath the surface in any of us—the layers of emotions, the nuance in any situation. It’s all being revealed all the time if we pay attention.

Susan Wolf

Dec 18, 2023 @ 9:22 AM
4th pass now being sent back to the author, liz. It arrived in a booklet format. I was most interested in the section of watercolor, angles and textures. I removed some layers and reframed existing content. Both pages have a front and back. One backside has a kickstand – for standing upright. I very much enjoyed elaborating upon the fiber references, the polkadots and color palette. I hope the author enjoys reworking and elaborating upon the trail I’ve left and the others left me.

Kurt Edwards

Dec 14, 2023 @ 4:13 PM

Collages received, rendered and returned to the mail from Mike Gabriel and Monserrat Miranda. Both already felt close to complete. Looking forward to what comes next for them.

Kat Cook’s collage when it arrived and when it was sent on to its next stop.


Dec 8, 2023 @ 10:59 AM
in addition to Sady’s starter, she had included a personal letter, to which Theo had also added. as a result, for my iteration, i chose to focus on the nature, nuance and importance of relationships., and included my own letter of engagement, encoded in a cryptogram facilitated by a Fortune Teller.

Marie Elcin

Dec 2, 2023 @ 11:48 AM
I’m artist #4 on this one. As the project progresses it’s getting harder to find space to add things. So I’ve extended this with some fabric and stitching, which also stabilized the paper. As I’m a fiber artist I’ve tried to stick to textile additions on all the pieces that come through my hands.


Dec 1, 2023 @ 8:40 AM

This is the collage I initiated in September—- Journey into the wild?

In process, my October contribution to the collage started by Kristin, which is a really cool 3D transparent accordion format.

3rd collaboration, to the book format project initiated by Alexandria, with historical data tables providing an interesting background/1st layer.

Lisa McElroy

Nov 30, 2023 @ 2:45 PM
Maureen Manning’s collage, Stage 4. Contributors: Johanna Norry, Julie Blankenship, me. I stayed with a circle motif (small, striped circles in the peripheral) and then found the tiny vintage dress-catalogue illustrations, in my possibility-pile of papers, happened to fit perfectly within the circles, so I couldn’t say no to that. Isn’t it strange when disparate elements fit within newly created elements, without any planning?

Liz Parkinson

Nov 30, 2023 @ 7:22 AM

The Gibson Girls got off to a quick start and revised schedule because of multiple travel plans within the group. I’m in Mexico until after the final pieces get sent so had to finish my work on each collage early. Karen returned from NZ after I left. I look forward to seeing the further evolution of the collages.

Here’s my Originator collage and the completed collage. The focus of the composition certainly changed! The Gibson Girls have previously worked on a long-term collaborative postcard project. In speaking with some of the other members of the group, we think the change in scale for this project but more tellingly the limitation of ‘just one, precious’ image to work on made many of us go a bit overboard to make sure our visual voices were heard. It reminds us of our first postcards. By cycle 25 we knew how to hold back and let the conversation emerge. Its not easy! I think we will continue to try to experiment with expanding our practice by working together but perhaps with more latitude in mark making across multiple substrates to develop the visual conversation.

Marissa Decepida-Wong

Nov 29, 2023 @ 5:14 PM
Originator: Caissa Hadash. Contributor – Stage 4 (Marissa Decepida-Wong). The flowing river inspired me to follow the pattern and added a photo from ROM – Royal Ontario Museum magazine and a 3D purple butterfly. The other side of the circular substrate, took a page from the same issue of the Rain magazine and punched circles and glued the circles across.

Danièle Colin

Nov 29, 2023 @ 6:56 AM

Hello, this is my contribution to @joas.nebe “Two men watching the moon” after @booyakatopia, Daniel Mc Keon and @oliviabarratier_atelier. I had great fun introducing my ladies in Red on their way to the men watching the moon, all of it under the watching moon herself of course 🙂 Thanks Joas, now returning it to you for the finishing line.

Hi there, I added my contribution to @booyakatopia’s Tale of a swan after Daniel Mc Keon. I included a Lady swan ready for a photo shooting. But somehow Leda’s shoe got lost under no surveillance from Superman … 🙂 It was fun working on this piece. Thanks Booyakatopia. Collage went back to Olivia.

Hello, I worked on Daniel McKeon’s Snowman Starter. Dressed him up a little, ready for traveling North and South before handing him back to Olivia.

Elena Lelea

Nov 28, 2023 @ 8:58 PM

Forgot to take the before shot of this collage that was started by Lisa, but here’s how it left my desk at pass 3

Before and after on Pamela Pitt’s starter collage

This collage was started by Anya and I’m the third person adding to it. Sending it to Christina Correa, then it will go back to its originator.

Molly Waite Lund

Nov 28, 2023 @ 6:14 AM
This collage arrived wet and torn and required a lot of repair to restore the original piece. I mounted the collage on canvas board and added the original packing material to the reverse side as it had also been collaged. Artist notes were also preserved. Because the piece folded as a book I was able to ship media mail rate which greatly reduced the postage.

Nov 28, 2023 @ 6:18 AM
This collage was damaged when received by the previous artist. Cyndi did a beautiful repair job. The USPS has not been kind to our art☹️

Darlene Sardinsky

Nov 26, 2023 @ 5:08 AM
My original collage. I chose to create a black-and-white background that celebrates the many sides and emotions women. I thought it would be fun to see if people add color and to marvel at how they spice it up in a way that it represents their interpretation of the female experience.

Jeffrey B Grindley

Nov 24, 2023 @ 4:20 PM
The first image shows what I recieved. I added thread, watch parts and doodles. I also added an NFC chip under an epoxy bubble. I programmed the chip so that when scanned with your phone it will take you to the progress gallery website. 😁

Nov 24, 2023 @ 4:15 PM
The first image was my starting collage. The second image is the package dropped off from Emily R with a cyanotype collage. The third image shows what the collage looked like after my additions.

Charlotte Yano

Nov 23, 2023 @ 7:31 AM
Ellie started this one out on an unusual format, which I love wholly. I’m not sure what Jean did, but Meredith added one King of Diamonds, and put the Queen and the other side of the King in the envelope. I combined those together, along with some other plates regarding transformations. A painted magnolia for the sun in the bottom section from me.

Nov 23, 2023 @ 7:27 AM
I added a backing, along with a pale green sky, with kanji rain. Rain with sunshine is said to be when the nine-tailed foxes have weddings (kitsune). Added cherry blossoms as well.

Anna Zagerson

Nov 23, 2023 @ 6:02 AM
Received the center of this and initially thought it was another project I was working on. I took the opportunity to practice using the sewing machine and added the colorful fabric. I left the embroidery thread for the next recipient.

Deborah Lieberman

Nov 23, 2023 @ 3:59 AM
I opened up the space a bit more by tearing off some of the outer envelope. Then I added flowers and leaves , the last thing I did was create a bunch of snails. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Nov 23, 2023 @ 3:56 AM
I added little circles to the pouch , thinking of them as precious memories you keep close to you. Then I added red lips and used my white Posca pen to add details.

Kim Cardoso

Nov 22, 2023 @ 8:13 PM
For this one, I picked up on an airplane/air mail theme when I saw the boarding pass and window envelope. So after rubbing the puzzle piece, and adding the marks which looked like clouds to me, I also transferred the big red image of the airplane.

Johanna Norry

Nov 22, 2023 @ 1:31 PM
This is Kim Cardoso’s starter collage that has been added to by Maureen Manning and me. I added bits of text from photos I took of papers in a artist’s archive materials, a piece of a sewing pattern and a bit of a map legend.

Nov 22, 2023 @ 1:25 PM
This is Celena Peet’s starter collage that has been added to by Kim Cardoso, Maureen Manning and me. I added the photograph of the man playing a stringed instrument, the letter press printed trail of dots, as well as the red letter press printed wood veneer circle, the red car and the route 66 sign, the latter two of which came from a 1970s NatGeo.

Arlene Tribbia

Nov 20, 2023 @ 8:15 PM
Two collages (from the wonderful Alyson, thank you!) are en route to Berkeley for further additions during what promises to be the busiest travel week in years. They say this every year in November and December. I expect these two pieces to arrive just in time for a long & creative weekend. I added painted cardboard to both collages. It’s a handy substrate that plays well with most other art materials + it’s recycled and also lends itself to telling a story. My thought was to add some colorful narrative possibility to punch up the storyline a bit: what are gold clouds anyway? How did we ever arrive out from this winter stand of trees and into a walk along what appears to be blue picket fence. On Venice Beach? Where are we going? Becky is the next artist to decide. Good luck!

Marcie Simon

Nov 20, 2023 @ 11:36 AM
Third contribution to the Memory collage begun by Karen. I added a page depicting 1960 suburban childhood memories of games & outdoor fun with neighborhood kids; Family recipes in my Mom’s handwriting (so embedded in my memory). This page showcases a more innocent time in America, prior to the turbulent late 1960’s shown on other pages.

Lynn Aisawa

Nov 19, 2023 @ 6:47 PM
I am the second collaborator on Cindy’s starter. I kept to the “dusty” mundane framing device started by the first collaborator Maddy, using grey with hints of blue to echo the watercolor in the starter. I also liked her Mobil guy, so I added two lookers-on, some muscle, and of course Tom, who’s trying to sell you on the whole idea.


Nov 19, 2023 @ 10:13 AM
Third pass of Daniele’s starter with a before picture of Joas’ contribution. I resized the collage to A4, added patterns and images to help a story come alive. Also included 2 pics of the decorated envelope that’s on its way to Daniel now.

Lynn Aisawa

Nov 18, 2023 @ 7:56 AM
I think this is Sami’s starter, and I am the third collaborator. She was meditating on finding balance, which is often about time, something that has been highlighted for me as we have spent the week moving my mother. The watch faces count the time, and the 13 s, as this is volume 13, life is all about iteration. I added tissue to both focus and slightly obscure the lower addition, kind of like all the self talk always running in the background.

Sherri Koehler

Nov 15, 2023 @ 11:45 AM
My completed collage has been sent to SACC HQ! I’m in Group Cerulean. To add color to my collage I used a blade to create a fenestration then added an acrylic ink dyed book page. I also punched circles from the dyed page to add as accents on the front. 416: completed. 415 & 420: details. 412 shows the fenestration. 411 shows the card before cutting, atop the dyed page.

Jennifer Sabolcik

Nov 14, 2023 @ 3:53 PM
I enjoyed working on these postcards! I introduced some extra characters on two cards, one is part of a Henry Taylor painting. I also added Hawaiian flowers. The embossed patterns were begging for some colors so I added some blue & green ombré in colored pencil. I left three alone so the next collagist can have some fun too!

Kjesh Goldsmith

Nov 14, 2023 @ 9:20 AM
I found two collages in my mailbox when I got home last night, and was so inspired that I got to work on them immediately. I feel uplifted by the work and the joy of collaborating, creating, coming to an organic stopping point, and then almost immediately letting go … woosh, into the mail system for Serena.