Traveling West

After a couple of recent alterations and additions to the Collaborator List, the Postal Collage Project No. 8 now comprises 116 collaborators in 14 countries. A majority, 71, reside in California.

Seven of the project’s 24 working-groups are international. The collages created by one of these international groups will encircle the northern hemisphere of Earth, traveling west, crossing the Pacific Ocean, Asia, Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, and North America.





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Postal Collage, Stage One

Postal Collage Project No. 8 is well into Stage One, the initiation stage. 120 collages started from scratch, are beginning to be sent to and from collaborators across towns and countries and around the world.

Two ‘starters’ were sent yesterday from the USPS Sather Gate Station in Berkeley, California.


One of them will be driven north to Napa, California.


The other will fly east to Alicante, Spain.


Wishing safe and timely travels for them both. More progress images and updates HERE.

Seven Years of the Postal Collage Project

500 collaborative collages created by 250 autonomous collaborators in 17 countries fill five walls on the second floor of the Shuman Block, 2571 Shattuck Avenue, in Berkeley. This striking display of creative expression and interaction can be viewed by appointment through September. Contact me to make arrangements. [] Regrettably, the second floor is accessible only by stairs.
Postal Collage Project No. 8 will launch this Saturday, the first of September. Join now.

Retrospective Exhibition

Seven Years of the Postal Collage Project 
Exhibition Reception:
Saturday, the 25th of August, 12 noon—9pm*
The Shuman Block, 2571 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley
The first seven years of the Round Table Collaboration Postal Collage Project saw well over 500 collages created by more than 250 collaborators in 17 countries. Each collage having five autonomous authors, this is a remarkable display of human creativity and interaction, offering viewers a lot to look at and a lot to think about.
For more about the process and principles of the Round Table method:
Also this: Signups are now underway for Postal Collage Project No. 8. All are welcome. Contact Marty McCutcheon,
*by appointment through September

Check It Out

Check It Out. The library-based, take-home, collaborative collage project is underway again, and there will be an associated collaborative collage workshop in early August.

Visit the Art & Music desk on the 5th floor of the Central Branch in Downtown Berkeley to checkout and take home a collage-in-progress. You will have two weeks to make a contribution (just about any kind of alteration you like), and return the collage to the 5th floor. After returning it, you may check out another, if you like. If and when you are the first to work on a collage, you reserve the opportunity to finish it (after three others have made contributions).

Berkeley Public Library, Central Branch, 2090 Kittredge Street at Shattuck Avenue

On Saturday, August 4, from 2-5pm, there will be a collaborative collage workshop in the Community Meeting Room on the 3rd floor of the Central Branch. Supplies and materials will be provided, but participants are welcome to bring their own. All are welcome. No experience necessary.

Berkeley Public Library Central Branch
2090 Kittredge Street at Shattuck Avenue


Exhibition at Jensen Architects

An array of 56 collages selected from the first six years of the Postal Collage Project hangs on the Jensen Architects ‘9×7 wall,’ a revolving display space showcasing art projects associated with Jensen employees, in this case, Principal Architect and long time RT[C] collaborator, Frank Merritt.


Frank has participated in all seven annual Postal Collage Projects, and, as the operator of Ramon’s Tailor Artist Salon in San Francisco, he has hosted exhibitions of all seven projects. My thanks to Frank and everyone in the Jensen office for the warm reception.

Project No. 7 Back in Berkeley

The Postal Collage Project No. 7 is back in Berkeley. Ninety project collages are displayed as a single 8’x17′ (approx. 2.5m x 5m) mosaic at the top of the stairs on the second floor of the Shuman Block. A few more collages can be found on pedestals in other locations around the building, including inside my studio. The building was open last weekend, and will be open again this weekend, in association with the annual East Bay Open Studios festival. As always, this display garners a good deal of interest and admiration. Big thanks to the collaborators who created this vibrant collection!

The Shuman Block
2571 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, California
11am—6pm, Saturday & Sunday, June 9/10




San Francisco

The Postal Collage Project No. 7 exhibition at Ramon’s Tailor in San Francisco comes to an end this weekend with a closing party, 6–8pm, Saturday, May 26.

The USPS outside Ramon’s Tailor, 628 Jones Street, San Francisco