Berkeley Public Library

Nearly 200 collages from the first five years of the Round Table [Collaboration] Postal-Collage Project were exhibited from January through April at the Berkeley Public Library Central Branch. This collection was exhibited in conjunction with an ongoing collaborative collage project open to patrons of the library.

img_2318The Historic Entrance, now a window display facing Kittredge Street.

img_2319Collages fill three display cases in the Historic Lobby.

More than one hundred collages from the first five years of the Postal-Collage Project were exhibited in January and February in the Art & Music department on the 5th floor.



Collaborative Collage Project (ongoing)
Library patrons ‘borrow’ and take home collages-in-progress, and contribute to that progress. Participants work sequentially, independently, and autonomously on common collages-in-progress. Be a first-stage contributor, and reserve the option to complete that collage in its final stage.

To participate, visit the Art & Music desk, 5th floor, Central Branch, 2090 Kittredge Street. For more information, call Emily at 510-981-6121.

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Two associated workshops took place at the Central Branch— a collaborative collage workshop on Saturday, the 28th of January, and a collaborative drawing workshop on the 25th of February. Both were held in the Community Meeting Room on the 3rd floor.

bpl-workshopCollaborative Collage Workshop, January 2017

IMG_2411Collaborative Drawing Workshop, February 2017