Exhibition Transition

The exhibition of Postal Collage Project No.9 at the Shuman Block is coming down to make way for Project No.10. Details coming soon.

The Shuman Block, Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, California, March 2021
Postal Collage Project No.9 in Studio 1A at the Shuman Block will be coming down at the end of March.
Postal Collage Project No.10, mostly still in packages, will be installed in Studio 1A at the end of March.

Ramon’s Tailor to Quietly Close

When Bay Area galleries are allowed to reopen, presumably sometime this year, Ramon’s Tailor Artist’s Salon will not. After nearly a decade of showing and growing community creativity, R’s T will quietly close.

Ramon’s Tailor Artist’s Salon, 628 Jones Street, San Francisco

Ramon’s Tailor was the springtime San Francisco home to the Postal Collage Project for eight straight years, beginning with Project No. 1 in 2012. These annual exhibitions and associated events played a significant role in the growth and development of the project. Thank you, Frank & Teri!