Check It Out at the Berkeley Art Center

The Berkeley Art Center in Live Oak Park is now hosting Check It Out, the Round Table [Collaboration] Community Collaborative Collage Project.

‘Borrow’ a collage-in-progress, take it home for up to 21 days and contribute to that progress. Make any alterations you like, and return it to the BAC to be checked out by the next collaborator.

Be the first to work on a collage and reserve the opportunity to complete that collage after three other collaborators have contributed.

To participate, visit the Berkeley Art Center, 1275 Walnut Street, Berkeley, Wednesday through Sunday, 11am-5pm.

Selections from the first seven years of the Postal Collage Project on display in the lobby of the Berkeley Art Center through December 21.

Postal Collage & Check It Out

Postal Collage Project No. 9 will launch on the first of September, 2019. Participation is open to all. For more information, contact: []

Postal Collage Project No. 8 will be exhibited at the Shuman Block, 2571 Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley, with an Opening Reception on Saturday, the 10th of August, from 4–8pm. For more information, contact: []

Check It Out, the ‘library style,’ community collaborative collage project is ongoing at the Berkeley Public Library, Central Branch. To participate, visit the Art & Music desk on the 5th floor, 2090 Kittredge Street, Berkeley.

The Berkeley Art Center will be hosting Check It Out beginning Saturday, the 17th of August. There will be an associated exhibition in the lobby of the Art Center, 1275 Walnut Street, featuring selections from the first seven years of the Postal Collage Project— Opening Reception, 6–8pm on Saturday, August 17.

Project No. 8 at Ramon’s Tailor

Postal Collage Project No. 8 is on display at Ramon’s Tailor, 628 Jones Street, San Francisco, California.

The exhibition features more than one hundred collaborative collages created by as many collaborators.


Ramon’s Tailor
628 Jones Street, San Francisco
April 4—July 13

Open Hours
Noon—4pm, Most Saturdays & Sundays
email to confirm