Body Building

Body Building is a digital-collage parlour game, inspired by Cadavre Exquis, and Consequences (Picture Consequences). It is played by groups of four. Each group will create four digital collages. Email and digital editing skills are required, but experience is not necessary.

Organize your own group-of-four, or contact the project coordinator for a group assignment. []

First, each collaborator provides a ‘place’ for the body to inhabit. They send this place-image to their ’send-to’ person, and receive a place-image from their ‘get from’ person.
To the place-image, each collaborator adds legs (and feet). They send this place+legs image, like before.
To the place+legs image received, each adds a trunk (and arms) upon the legs. This place+legs+trunk image is sent as before.
To the place+legs+trunk image received, each adds a head. This place+legs+trunk+head image is sent as before. At this point, each collaborator will receive the ‘place’ they originally provided, now inhabited by a ‘body.’
Each collaborator then completes this image to their satisfaction.