Collaborator Experiences

Collaborator experiences are no less significant than the resulting artworks. The collages are compelling artifacts, while the experience of participation is the real substance of the project. Share your experience HERE.

Updated 24 January 2023

Although my group comes from the same online Artist Alliance Community I belong to, and we live in the same area, I had never met them before this project. I also didn’t know what kind of art they do, or their personal aesthetics.

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Lisa McElroy

I enjoyed the process- another variable on the theme of art making and letting go.

Irene Nelson

This project makes me a bit giddy. I’m nervous the original creators won’t like what I do/that I’ll ruin their work.

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Lindsay Fox

Participating in Round Table has been both a challenge and a very rewarding experience. The beauty of this project, to me, is that it is open to anyone regardless of craft, education and to some extent income.

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Patricia Prieto Blanco

Managing initial expectations and attachments to outcomes; honoring the spirit of cooperation and respecting different points of view and ideas; the acceptance of reality while exercising the ability to reimagine: these things and more are at the core and are the brilliant essence of the Roundtable Postal Collage Project.

C.K. Itamura

It gave me an opportunity to explore working in a medium I usually do not work in, plus the added bonus of collaborating with others I don’t know and getting to see the piece thru their eyes with what has been added to the collage.

Julie Fischer

I’m a 7 year veteran of the Postal Collage Project and a very grateful participant.
Each year has brought new experiences, connections, surprises, challenges and appreciation. I would not have missed a single one!

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Judy Weaver, Santa Cruz, California, May 2018

each month that i received a collage in the mail, i hoped to find a spark, something to ignite my creativity. but instead, i found what came my way dispiriting and uninspiring.

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jori marie rillera

For a variety of reasons, I found this entire process incredibly discouraging.

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Mike McGarry

[To Marty] For me the round table collaboration has been a fortunate and wonderful occasion to dive into an activity that I greatly enjoy but otherwise have not pursued since decades.

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Ben Hoz

For the purpose of this collective collages, we dedicate a whole bedroom in our house since our former housemates left. Also, we have asked for old magazines and newspapers at a group we have created in social media in which people from Mytilene offer things for free instead of throwing them away.

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Joaquín O’Ryan

Partnering with my son, Lucas (6 years old), on the collage started as a fun art project to do together. It was also a great way for me to feel a continued connection to the SF area, where I used to live.

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Heidi Kitlas

Wow, I don’t remember what I was thinking. I guess I admire Marty McCutcheon and I thought ‘is collaborative collage fun?’.

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Jay Long

Beginning is half” old Chinese proverb
I remember this proverb every time I’m stuck or procrastinating on a collage — and when I finally do something, it’s like “hey, that wasn’t so hard… why did it take so long?”

Mike Fusello

When I was growing up in the sixties, ‘collaboration’ was a dirty word. Collaborators were dreadful people who dealt with fascists, and Collaborators were those who went to bed with nazis.

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KJ, London 2018

Just as prison is a microcosm of society, the Round Table Postal Collage Project is a microcosm of human communication.

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Levi Mahoney

RTPCP: Disgust, surprise, honesty, and lies. Never finished. Enjoyable when enjoyed. It’s a mirror.

Scott Panton


Domingo Martinez

The Postal Collaboration Collage [PCC] project exemplifies one of my favorite quotes. It’s by constructionist Mark di Suvero [there’s a great early piece of his in SF MOMA] It goes ” . . . . all art is equal because we know the joy of making it.”

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Brian Sherman, May 10, 2018


Carolina Cambre
How did you first hear of the project?
Through friends who were part of it.

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Wendy Hough
How did you first hear of the project?
I was introduced to the project by a friend who was participating in the postal collage.

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Willis Stork
How did you first hear of the project?
I believe through Christina Stork.

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