I am deeply gratified by the generous participation, since 2011, of nearly 400 Postal Collage Project collaborators, giving not only their valuable time and creative energy, but paying their own postage. Collectively, this amounts to many thousands of hours and dollars spent creating hundreds of collages. For my part, I spend hundreds of hours and dollars every year coordinating, documenting, exhibiting, and promoting the project.

I am convinced by years of passionate feedback from scores of participants that the Postal Collage Project is good for people— good for individuals, good for communities. I believe it is ripe for funding from institutional sources seeking to support inclusion, creativity, and community building, and I have begun to look into those sources.

In the meantime, I am grateful for the support of individuals willing to donate any amount they will not miss. Whatever the figure, it will be sunshine and water for this little collaborative art garden.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

~Marty McCutcheon, Berkeley, California, June 2019

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