Exhibition, Invitation, Resumption

With consideration given to pandemic conditions, Round Table projects are moving forward. Follow links for complete information.

The PREMIERE EXHIBITION of Postal Collage Project No. 9
Postal Collage Project No. 9 can be seen by appointment in Studio 1A at the Shuman Block, 2571 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley. This is an open ended exhibition.

An INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE in Postal Collage Project No. 10
Postal Collage Project No. 10 is recruiting collaborators through August 30. Open to all.

The RESUMPTION of Check It Out, the Community Collaborative Collage Project.
Check It Out collages-in-progress are again available for borrowing.

For all appointments and inquiries, contact Project Coordinator, Marty McCutcheon. marty@roundtablecollaboration.com