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    ‘Send By’ dates are recommendations aimed at assuring timely deliveries. Actual delivery times will vary. ‘Received By‘ dates are deadlines.

    On September 1, collage work officially begins
    On or before September 15, first post sent
    By October 1, first post received
    On or before October 15, second post sent
    By November 1, second post received
    On or before November 15, third post sent
    By December 1, third post received
    On or before December 15, fourth post sent
    By January 1, fourth post received
    On or before January 15, fifth post sent
    By February 1, fifth post received (full circle)
    On or before February 15, collages are completed and sent to Berkeley for exhibition
    By March 1, finished collages arrived in Berkeley

    Exhibition Dates TBA

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    Marty McCutcheon

    The Pre-Schedule Schedule—

    On the 31st of July, an Invitation to Participate will be sent to all past participants, and also to those who have expressed interest in participating during the previous year.

    Throughout most of August, replies will be collected, and in the final days of that month working-groups will be arranged. Collaborators will be apprised of their groups, and group members introduced to one another, on or before the first of September.

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    Looking forward to Iteration 7!!!

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