The RT[C] Network

The Round Table [Collaboration] Network is a non-commercial space for uploading project images, sharing experiences, exchanging ideas, or just shooting the breeze. It’s a somewhat glitchy work-in-progress, without proper tech support, but it serves its basic purposes. Members can join groups and create groups.

Postal Collage Project No. 10 • Documentation, etc.
Studio 1A • Work space, show space, Berkeley California
The Parlour (coming soon) Online games and chatter

To join the Round Table [Collaboration] Network, you will need:

  • an active email address
  • a WordPress account

A WordPress account is free, and signup requires perhaps twenty minutes of your time. You may choose to make something of the WordPress website that comes with your FREE account, but there is no obligation to do so.

Go to, and click ‘Start Your Website.’ Even if you are not planning to make anything of your FREE website, WordPress nonetheless requires you follow and complete the prompts.

Once you have activated your WordPress account, you can join the Round Table [Collaboration] Network.

Go to, fill in the form and follow the prompts. If you run into trouble, please be in touch.


Thanks for your time and effort! Hope to see you on the network!