Online Parlour Games

Collaborative games played online while sheltering in place amid the global health crisis. Some skills required, no experience necessary.

Body Building is a digital-collage parlour game, inspired by Cadavre Exquis, and Consequences (Picture Consequences). It is played in groups of four. Each group will create four digital collages. SKILLS: Text or email and digital editing. No experience necessary. [more]

FotoCopy is an online, photographic variation of the children’s game, Telephone. Players, in sequence, attempt to reproduce a photographic scene. Round Table Collaboration will collect images, in sequence, and publish slideshows. SKILLS: Text or email and photography. No experience necessary. [more]

Exquisite Flipbook is a collaborative, semi-blind, sequential, digital collage project, in which short ‘process animations’ are created by sequencing images of work in progress. Each collaborator creates a series of images, beginning with the final frame of the previous collaborator’s series. The collaborator who creates the first series in a set also creates the final series in that set.. [more]

Coming soon:

Caption Marvel is one version of a game known by many names, where participants, in sequence, alternately write words in response to images, and create images in response to words.