Postal Collage Exhibition Season

Work on Postal Collage Project No. 8 is wrapping up, and exhibition season is just around the corner. Twenty completed collages have already arrived at the Shuman Block, the venue for the Premiere Party & Exhibition. Approximately one hundred more are on the way.

Premiere Party
2571 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley
4—8pm, Saturday, March 23

Ramon’s Tailor Artist Salon
628 Jones Street, San Francisco
April and May, Dates and Event Times TBA

The Shuman Block
2571 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley
June or July, Dates and Event Times TBA

One thought on “Postal Collage Exhibition Season”

  1. Good to see all those envelopes and boxes. Sorry I wasn’t able to post ongoing work…
    I sent photos but the website did not love me.

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