Postal Collage Project

The Postal Collage Project is an annual, global, mail-art collaboration in its 13th year. In its first twelve years, well over one thousand collages were created by nearly 700 collaborators in 25 countries, and were featured in more than thirty exhibitions.

The project timeline consists of six monthly stages from September through February. Exhibition season is late March through the end of August. There is no fee to participate, but collaborators pay their own postage.

Participation is possible for any interested person or group. Get on the Invitation List, or contact:

Project Description, Notes and Schedule
The Project Description lays out the basic setup and preparations, and includes a stage-by-stage guide to the six stages. Notes enumerate commitments, define authorship, establish autonomy, consider size & materials, request documentation, urge communication and propose determinations of ownership. The Schedule spells out the deadlines and recommends ‘Send By‘ dates to assure timely deliveries.

The Schedule

Working Groups

The Process (video 00:34s)

Collaborator Experiences

Postal Collage Project No.13 (2023ā€“2024)

Postal Collage Projects 1ā€“12 (2010-2023)

Exhibition Images