Completed Collages • Project No. 2

69 of 75 project collages

By Daniel McKeon, with Annelise Barriga, Amanda Quiroz, Toby Paige, and Keiran Best

By Keiran Best, with Daniel McKeon, Annelise Barriga, Amanda Quiroz, and Toby Paige

By Amanda Quiroz, with Toby Paige, Keiran Best, Daniel McKeon, and Annelise Barriga

By Annelise Barriga, with Amanda Quiroz, Toby Paige, Keiran Best, and Daniel McKeon


By Toby Paige, with Keiran Best, Daniel McKeon, Annelise Barriga, and Amanda Quiroz

By Jan Kather, with 48073, Michael Chang, Ellen McAuslan, and Niki Hare

By Niki Hare, with Jan Kather, 48073, Michael Chang, and Ellen McAuslan

By Michael Chang, with Ellen McAuslan, Niki Hare, Jan Kather, and 48073


By Ellen McAuslan, with Niki Hare, Jan Kather, 48073, and Michael Chang


By 48073, with Michael Chang, Ellen McAuslan, Niki Hare, and Jan Kather

By Bar Lowenberg, with Everett Forbes, Marty McCutcheon, Jan Kather, and Ian Stiles

By Jan Kather, with Ian Stiles, Bar Lowenberg, Everett Forbes, and Marty McCutcheon

By Marty McCutcheon, with Jan Kather, Ian Stiles, Bar Lowenberg, and Everett Forbes

By Ian Stiles, with Bar Lowenberg, Everett Forbes, Marty McCutcheon, and Jan Kather


By Everett Forbes, with Marty McCutcheon, Jan Kather, Ian Stiles, and Bar Lowenberg

By Chaz Reeetz-Laiolo, with Marty McCutcheon, W.T. Richards, Kevin Jackson, and McGrath Family

By The McGrath Family, with Chaz Reetz Laiolo, Marty McCutcheon, W.T. Richards, and Kevin Jackson

By Kevin Jackson, with the McGrath Family, Chaz Reetz-Laiolo, Marty McCutcheon, and W.T. Richards

By Marty McCutcheon, with W.T. Richards, Kevin Jackson, the McGrath Family, and Chaz Reetz-Laiolo

By Hollie Chastain, with E Kerr, Mo Hamilton, Clara Mata, and dadadreams

By Clara Mata, with Hollie Chastain, dadadreams, E Kerr, and Mo Hamilton

By dadadreams, with E Kerr, Mo Hamilton, Clara Mata, and Hollie Chastain

By Maile Beers-Arthur, with Sharon Riley, Sandi Arthur, Cristina McCutcheon, and Ingrid Ekström

By Sandi Arthur, with Cristina McCutcheon, Ingrid Ekström, Maile Beers-Arthur, and Sharon Riley

By Cristina McCutcheon, with Ingrid Ekström, Maile Beers-Arthur, Sharon Riley, and Sandi Arthur

By Sharon Riley, with Sandi Arthur, Cristina McCutcheon, Ingrid Ekström, and Maile Beers-Arthur


By Ingrid Ekström, with Maile Beers-Arthur, Sharon Riley, Sandi Arthur, and Cristina McCutcheon

By Marty McCutcheon, with Jonathan Hunt, Lisa Awrey, Ramon’s Tailor, and Greg Johnson

By Jonathan Hunt, with Lisa Awery, Ramon’s Tailor, Greg Johnson, and Marty McCutcheon

By Greg Johnson, with Marty McCutcheon, Jonathan Hunt, Lisa Awery, and Ramon’s Tailor


By Lisa Awery, with Ramon’s Tailor, Greg Johnson, Marty McCutcheon, and Jonathan Hunt


By Ramon’s Tailor, with Greg Johnson, Marty McCutcheon, Jonathan Hunt, and Lisa Awery

By Ingrid Ekström, with Peri Rachel Levin, Ben Hoz, Zach Beutter, Theo Wise, and Ali Haynes-Gordon

By Ben Hoz, with Theo Wise, Zach Beutter, Ingrid Ekström, and Peri Rachel Levine

By Theo Wise, with Zach Beutter, Ingrid Ekström, Peri Rachel Levine, and Ben Hoz

By Peri Rachel Levine, with Ben Hoz, Zach Beutter, Theo Wise, and Ingrid Ekström

By Joas Sebastian Nebe, with 48073, Hans Manner-Jakobsen, Marty McCutcheon, and Cora de Lang

By Hans Manner-Jakobsen, with Marty McCutcheon, Cora de Lang, Joas Sebastion Nebe, and 48073

By Cora de Lang, with Joas Sebastian Nebe, 48073, Hans Manner-Jakobsen, and Marty McCutcheon

By Marty McCutcheon, with Cora de Lang, Joas Sebastian Nebe, 48073, and Hans Manner-Jakobsen


By 48073, with Hans Manner-Jakobsen, Marty McCutcheon, Cora de Lang, and Joas Sebastian Nebe

By W.T. Richards, with Israel Forbes, Jocelyn Jones, Marty McCutcheon, and Mik Godley

By Mik Godley, with W.T. Richards, Israel Forbes, Jocelyn Jones, and Marty McCutcheon

By Marty McCutcheon, with Mik Godley, W.T. Richards, Israel Forbes, and Jocelyn Jones

By Jocelyn Jones, with Marty McCutcheon, Mik Godley, W.T. Richards, and Israel Forbes


By Israel Forbes, with Jocelyn Jones, Marty McCutcheon, Mik Godley, and W.T. Richards

By Pennie Steel, with Mike Hinc, Travis Schirmer, Adrian Rotzscher, and Christina Stork

By Mike Hinc, with Travis Schirmer, Adrian Rotzscher, Christina Stork, and Pennie Steel


By Travis Schirmer, with Adrian Rotzscher, Christina Stork, Pennie Steel, and Mike Hinc


By Christina Stork, with Pennie Steel, Mike Hinc, Travis Schirmer, and Adrian Rotzscher

By Kyrie Panton, with Judy Weaver, Finnegan Phillips, Dana McCutcheon, and Yuko Frohlich


By Finnegan Phillips, with Dana McCutcheon, Yuko Frohlich, Kyrie Panton, and Judy Weaver

By Dana McCutcheon, with Yuko Frohlich, Kyrie Panton, Judy Weaver, and Finnegan Phillips


By Yuko Frohlich, with Kyrie Panton, Judy Weaver, Finnegan Phillips, and Dana McCutcheon

By Judy Weaver, with Finnegan Phillips, Dana McCutcheon, Yuko Frohlich, and Kyrie Panton

By Aimee Porter, with Laura Beutter, Lorenzo Spencer, Lisa Ekström, and Kate Phillips

By Lorenzo Spencer, with Lisa Ekström, Kate Phillips, Aimee Porter, and Laura Beutter


By Laura Beutter, with Lorenzo Spencer, Lisa Ekström, Kate Phillips, and Aimee Porter


By Lisa Ekström, with Kate Phillips, Aimee Porter, Laura Beutter, and Lorenzo Spencer


By Kate Phillips, with Aimee Porter, Laura Beutter, Lorenzo Spencer, and Lisa Ekström

By Graham McDougal, with Molly McCall, Emma Rose Forbes, Dana McCutcheon, and Mattias Hoz

By Mattias Hoz, with Graham McDougal, Molly McCall, Emma Rose Forbes, and Dana McCutcheon

By Dana McCutcheon, with Mattias Hoz, Graham McDougal, Molly McCall, and Emma Rose Forbes


By Emma Rose Forbes, with Dana McCutcheon, Mattias Hoz, Graham McDougal, and Molly McCall

By Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh, with karolyn movorati, Alberto Oliveira, Sabina Hahn, and McGrath Family

By McGrath Family, with Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh, karolyn morovati, Alberto Oliveira, and Sabina Hahn


By karolyn movorati, with Alberto Oliveira, Sabina Hahn, McGrath Family, and Dawlin-Jane Oni-Eseleh


By Alberto Oliveira, with Sabina Hahn, McGrath Family, Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh, and karolyn movorati

By Sabina Hahn, with McGrath Family, Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh, karolyn morovati, and Alberto Oliveira

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