Completed Collages • Project No. 5

Most Recent Update: 24 April

PC5-OliviaBy Joyce Nojima, with Olivia Romer, Samantha Morris, David Harding, and Wheeler Bills


PC5-JoyceBy Olivia Romer, with Samantha Morris, David Harding, Wheeler Bills, and Joyce Nojima


PC5-WheelerBy Wheeler Bills, with Joyce Nojima, Olivia Romer, Samantha Morris, and David Harding


PC5-SamanthaBy Samantha Morris, with David Harding, Wheeler Bills, Joyce Nojima, and Olivia Romer


PC5-DHardingBy  David Harding, with Wheeler Bills, Joyce Nojima, Olivia Romer, and Samantha Morris


PC5-AaronBy Aaron Kather, with Ingrid Ekström, Kate Horsting, Griffith Montgomery, and Toby Paige


PC5-TobyBy Toby Paige, with Aaron Kather, Ingrid Ekström, Kate Horsting, and Griffith Montgomery


PC5-Ingrid2By Ingrid Ekström, with Kate Horsting, Griffith Montgomery, Toby Paige, and Aaron Kather


PC5-KateBy Kate Horsting, with Griffith Montgomery, Toby Paige, Aaron Kather, and Ingrid Ekström


PC5-GriffBy Griffith Montgomery, with Toby Paige, Aaron Kather, Ingrid Ekström, and Kate Horsting


PC5-AllysonBy Allyson Seal, Lisa Ekström, Erin Montgomery, Cynthia Craft, and Laura Heidotten


PC5-Lisa2By Lisa Ekström, with Erin Montgomery, Cynthia Craft, Laura Heidotten, and Allyson Seal


PC5-ErinBy Erin Montgomery, with Cynthia Craft, Laura Heidotten, Allyson Seal, and Lisa Ekström


PC5-LauraBy Laura Heidotten, with Allyson Seal, Lisa Ekström, Erin Montgomery, and Cynthia Craft


PC5-FraserBy Alexandra Fraser, with Anne Wenniger, Judy Weaver, Emily Yeadaker, and Kyla Atlas


PC5-Judy1By Judy Weaver, with Emily Yeadaker, Kyla Atlas, Alexandra Fraser, and Anne Wenniger


PC5-EmilyBy Emily Yeadaker, with Kyla Atlas, Alexandra Fraser, Anne Wenniger, and Judy Weaver


PC5-KylaBy Kyla Atlas, with Alexandra Fraser, Anne Wenniger, Judy Weaver, and Emily Yeadaker


PC5-AnneWBy Anne Wenniger, with Judy Weaver, Emily Yeadaker, Kyla Atlas, and Alexandra Fraser


PC5-LucieBy Lucie Lévesque, with Jan Kather, Cathi Weldon, Claudie Bastide, and Cora de Lang


PC5-CathiBy Cathi Weldon, with Claudie Bastide, Cora de Lang, Lucie Lévesque, and Jan Kather


PC5-ClaudieBy Claudie Bastide, with Cora de Lang, Lucie Lévesque, Jan Kather, and Cathi Weldon


PC5-CoraBy Cora de Lang, with Lucie Lévesque, Jan Kather, Cathi Weldon, and Claudie Bastide


PC5-JanKatherBy Jan Kather, with Cathi Weldon, Claudie Bastide, Cora de Lang, and Lucie Lévesque


PC5-BarbaraStarrBy Barbara Starr, with Betsy Ward-Thompson, Karen Greif, Irene Nelson, and Judith Reich


PC5-JudithBy Judith Reich, with Barbara Starr, Betsy Ward-Thompson, Karen Greif, and Irene Nelson


PC5-IreneBy Irene Nelson, with Judith Reich, Barbara Starr, Betsy Ward-Thompson, and Karen Greif


PC5-KarenGBy Karen Greif, with Irene Nelson, Judith Reich, Barbara Starr, and Betsy Ward-Thompson


PC5-HannahBy Hannah Galvin, with Charlotte Ikonen, Kerry Buchman, Lesley Jones, and Baird-Brock


PC5-KerryBuchmanBy Kerry Buchman, with Lesley Jones, Baird-Brock, Hannah Galvin, and Charlotte Ikonen


PC5-LesleyBy Lesley Jones, with Baird-Brock, Hannah Galvin, Charlotte Ikonen, and Kerry Buchman


PC5-CharlotteBy Charlotte Ikonen, with Kerry Buchman, Lesley Jones, Baird-Brock, and Hannah Galvin


PC5-BairdBrockBy Baird-Brock, with Hannah Galvin, Charlotte Ikonen, Kerry Buchman, and Lesley Jones


PC5-Judy2By Judy Weaver, with Kyrie Panton, Lisa Ekström, Ingrid Ekström, and Israel Forbes


PC5-Kyrie1By Kyrie Panton, with Lisa Ekström, Ingrid Ekström, Israel Forbes, and Judy Weaver


PC5-Lisa1By Lisa Ekström, with Ingrid Ekström, Israel Forbes, Judy Weaver, and Kyrie Panton


PC5-Ingrid1By Ingrid Ekström, with Israel Forbes, Judy Weaver, Kyrie Panton, and Lisa Ekström


PC5-Israel1By Israel Forbes, with Judy Weaver, Kyrie Panton, Lisa Ekström, and Ingrid Ekström



PC5-AnnevanHBy Anne van Helteren, with Flore van Sparrentak, Kyrie Panton, Emma Rose Forbes, and Dana McCutcheon


PC5-Kyrie2By Kyrie Panton, with Emma Rose Forbes, Dana McCutcheon, Anne van Helteren, and Flore van Sparrentak


PC5-DanaBy Dana McCutcheon, with Anne van Helteren, Flore van Sparrentak, Kyrie Panton, and Emma Rose Forbes


PC5-EmmaBy Emma Rose Forbes, with Dana McCutcheon, Anne van Helteren, Flore van Sparrentak, and Kyrie Panton


PC5-FloreBy Flore van Sparrentak, with Kyrie Panton, Emma Rose Forbes, Dana McCutcheon, and Anne van Helteren



PC5-HansBy Hans Manner-Jakobsen, with B.S. Wise, Levi Mahoney, Eric Foster, and Jonathan Hunt


PC5-JPHBy Jonathan Hunt, with Hans Manner-Jakobsen, B.S. Wise, Levi Mahoney, and Eric Foster


PC5-LeviBy Levi Mahoney, with Eric Foster, Jonathan Hunt, Hans Manner-Jakobsen, and B.S. Wise


PC5-EricBy Eric Foster, with Jonathan Hunt, Hans Manner-Jakobsen, B.S. Wise, and Levi Mahoney


PC5-BradBy B.S. Wise, with Levi Mahoney, Eric Foster, Jonathan Hunt, and Hans Manner-Jakobsen



PC5-CambreBy Carolina Cambre, with Melissa McGill, Dawn Leigh, Katie Brown, and The Peak-Gaal Family


PC5-DawnBy Dawn Leigh, with Katie Brown, The Peak-Gaal Family, Carolina Cambre, and Melissa McGill


PC5-MelissaBy Melissa McGill, with Dawn Leigh, Katie Brown, The Peak-Gaal Family, and Carolina Cambre


PC5-PeakGaalBy The Peak-Gaal Family, with Carolina Cambre, Melissa McGill, Dawn Leigh, and Katie Brown


PC5-KatieBy Katie Brown, with The Peak-Gaal Family, Carolina Cambre, Melissa McGill, and Dawn Leigh


PC5-GinnaSusanBy Ginna Browne, with Ben Hoz, Kellie Whittaker & Lauren Fisher, Megan McGuinn, and Mia Paschal


PC5-BenHozBy Ben Hoz, with Kellie Whittaker & Lauren Fisher, Megan McGuinn, Mia Paschal, and Ginna Browne


PC5-MeganBy Megan McGuinn, with Mia Paschal, Ginna Browne, Ben Hoz, Kellie Whittaker & Lauren Fisher


PC5-MiaBy Mia Paschal, with Ginna Browne, Ben Hoz, Kellie Whittaker & Lauren Fisher, and Megan McGuinn


PC5-WhittakerFisherBy Kellie Whittaker & Lauren Fisher, with Megan McGuinn, Mia Paschal, Ginna Browne, and Ben Hoz



PC5-CarolynBy Carolyn Hennessey, with Diane Vecchi, Mike Fusello, James Mink, and Elaine Monchak


PC5-DianeVBy Diane Vecchi, with Mike Fusello, James Mink, Elaine Monchak, and Carolyn Hennessey


PC5-ElaineMonachakBy Elaine Monchak, with Carolyn Hennessey, Diane Vecchi, Mike Fusello, and James Mink


PC5-JamesMinkBy James Mink, with Elaine Monchak, Carolyn Hennessey, Diane Vecchi, and Mike Fusello


PC5-MikeFuselloBy Mike Fusello, with James Mink, Elaine Monchak, Carolyn Hennessey, and Diane Vecchi


PC5-LouiseBy Louise Paige, with Julie Marten, Amy Mosley, Theodora Varnay Jones, and Mio Yoshigiwa


PC5-TheodoraBy Theodora Varnay Jones, with Mio Yoshigiwa, Louise Paige, Julie Marten, and Amy Mosley


PC5-JulieBy  Julie Marten, with Amy Mosley, Theodora Varnay Jones, Mio Yoshigiwa, and Louise Paige


PC5-MosleyBy  Amy Mosley, with Theodora Varnay Jones, Mio Yoshigiwa, and Louise Paige, and Julie Marten



PC5-MioBy Mio Yoshigiwa, with Louise Paige, Julie Marten, Amy Mosley, Theodora Varnay Jones


PC5-JoasBy Joas Sebastian Nebe, with Alexandra Breitenstein, luftmenschen, Kevin Jackson, and Chang!


PC5-KJBy Kevin Jackson, with Chang!, Joas Sebastian Nebe, Alexandra Breitenstein, and luftmenschen


PC5-ChangBy Chang!, with Joas Sebastian Nebe, Alexandra Breitenstein, luftmenschen, and Kevin Jackson


PC5-AlexBBy Alexandra Breitenstein, with luftmenschen, Kevin Jackson, Chang!, and Joas Sebastian Nebe


PC5-luftmenschenBy luftmenschen, with Kevin Jackson, Chang!, Joas Sebastian Nebe, and Alexandra Breitenstein


PC5-SaloBy Amy Salo, with Lucas Hill, Anand Sheth, Willis Stork, Niki Hare, and Amy Salo


PC5-AnandBy Anand Sheth, with Willis Stork, Niki Hare, Amy Salo, and Lucas Hill


PC5-WillisBy Willis Stork, with Niki Hare, Amy Salo, Lucas Hill, and Anand Sheth


PC5-LucasBy Lucas Hill, with Anand Sheth, Willis Stork, Niki Hare, and Amy Salo



PC5-BenjaminBy Benjamin Merritt, with Iris Alden, Bob Stang, Frank Merritt, Cendrine Colin, and Thomas Blank


PC5-CendrineBy Cendrine Colin, with Thomas Blank, Benjamin Merritt, Iris Alden, Bob Stang, and Frank Merritt


PC5-ThomasBy Thomas Blank, with Benjamin Merritt, Iris Alden, Bob Stang, Frank Merritt, and Cendrine Colin


PC5-FrankBy Frank Merritt, with Cendrine Colin, Thomas Blank, Benjamin Merritt, Iris Alden, and Bob Stang


PC5-BobBy Bob Stang, with Frank Merritt, Cendrine Colin, Thomas Blank. Benjamin Merritt, and Iris Alden



PC5-IrisBy Iris Alden, with Bob Stang, Frank Merritt, Cendrine Colin, Thomas Blank, and Benjamin Merritt


PC5-GregJohnsonBy Greg Johnson, with Israel Forbes, Jeremy O’neal, Pennie Steel, and Bar Lowenberg


PC5-BarBy Bar Lowenberg, with Greg Johnson, Israel Forbes, Jeremy O’neal, and Pennie Steel


PC5-PennieBy Pennie Steel, with Bar Lowenberg, Greg Johnson, Israel Forbes, and Jeremy O’neal


PC5-JeremyBy Jeremy O’neal, with Pennie Steel, Bar Lowenberg, Greg Johnson, and Israel Forbes


PC5-Israel2By Israel Forbes, with Jeremy O’neal, Pennie Steel, Bar Lowenberg, and Greg Johnson



PC5-Jake By Jake Hartman, with Dave Lushbaugh, Mike Godwin, Jason Overton, and John Fortes


PC5-LushbaughBy Dave Lushbaugh, with Mike Godwin, Jason Overton, John Fortes, and Jake Hartman


PC5-GodwinBy Mike Godwin, with Jason Overton, John Fortes, Jake Hartman, and Dave Lushbaugh



PC5-OvertonBy Jason Overton, with John Fortes, Jake Hartman, Dave Lushbaugh, and Mike Godwin


PC5-JohnBy John Fortes, with Jake Hartman, Dave Lushbaugh, Mike Godwin, and Jason Overton


PC5-PatriciaBy Patricia Prieto Blanco, with 48073, Gail Chilianis, Robin Hill, and Anne Lévesque


Most Recent Update: 24 April