Postal Collage Schedule

‘Sent By’ dates are recommendations aimed at assuring timely deliveries. Actual delivery times will vary. Received Bydates are deadlines.

On September 1, collage work officially begins
On or before September 15, first post sent
By October 1, first post received
On or before October 15, second post sent
By November 1, second post received
On or before November 15, third post sent
By December 1, third post received
On or before December 15, fourth post sent
By January 1, fourth post received
On or before January 15, fifth post sent
By February 1, fifth post received (full circle)
On or before February 15, collages are completed and sent to Berkeley* for exhibition
By March 1, finished collages arrived in Berkeley

*Send completed collages to:
Berkeley Commonplace
2571 Shattuck Avenue, 1A
Berkeley, CA, USA 94704