Working Groups

Postal Collage Working Groups (UPDATED 20 August 2021)

In the days prior to the September 1 launch, working-groups are formed and sequenced.

The default method for arranging these groups is this: I compose them according to my own druthers. My aim is to facilitate valuable individual and collective experiences by assembling effective, amicable groups, as best I can with available information. If you can share a little bit about yourself, or if you have preferences, hopes or concerns about your working group assignment, please contact me:

If anyone would like to recruit collaborators and organize a group (or portion of a group) without my input, you are invited to do so. Potential collaborators should read and understand the Project Description, Notes, and Schedule. All participants should register with me, so their names can be added to the Collaborator List, and so they can be included in project-wide email updates and messages.

Other considerations when recruiting collaborators and assembling groups:

  • Each working-group will consist of five collaborators. (It is permissible for “one collaborator” to be a couple, a family, or whatever collective arrangement which might be made).
  • When a group is assembled, a sequence must be set, and each collaborator will need to provide a mailing address to their fellow collaborator who precedes them in that sequence.
  • Collaborators are strongly encouraged to communicate with fellow working-group members regarding progress and delays. Simple messages such as, “… collage sent today…” or “…collage received…” can be very helpful in scheduling and keeping the project on track.

As always, I am eager to address any questions or concerns.

Marty McCutcheon, Project Coordinator