Ramon’s Tailor

The Postal Collage Project No. 7 is at Ramon’s Tailor, 628 Jones Street in San Francisco, through May 26.

Project collaborators with friends and colleagues, neighborhood regulars, first time visitors, and passers-by came in out of the rain on Thursday night to preview the new exhibition in San Francisco. As always, a friendly crowd with keen observations and kind things to say. There was more of the same on Saturday. Big thanks to Frank for hosting, and to everyone who stopped in— thank you for your time and interest. Hope to see you again.

Open Hours through May 26
NOON—4pm, Saturdays and Sundays

First Thursday Art Walk
6—10pm, Thursday, May 3

Closing Party
6—8pm, Saturday, May 26

USPS truck at the Opening Reception, Saturday, April 7.
Collaborator and Friend, Saturday, April 7
A total of 85 collages are currently displayed on the walls and in the window.