Recent Retrospective

The recent retrospective exhibition, Seven Years of the Postal Collage Project, was a powerful personal experience for me, and I consider it among the most important exhibitions in my 25 years of art life.

The sheer magnitude of creativity to be seen in 500 richly detailed collaborative collages was, at times, staggering. No less overwhelming was the gratitude I felt toward the 250+ collaborators who, together, made a bold reality out of a simple idea. My continuing, heartfelt thanks to these friends and colleagues, friends-of-friends and colleagues-of-colleagues.

Postal Collage Project No. 8 is currently underway, and will be exhibited in Spring 2019. I aim to present another retrospective, 10 Years of the Postal Collage Project, in Summer 2021.

October 2018— De-installation of Retrospective: Seven Years of the Postal Collage Project begins with the east wall of the landing at the top of the stairs, Shuman Block, Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, California.