The Process in Stages

The Six Stages of the Postal Collage Project

STAGE ONE [Initiation]

Each and every participant will begin a collage, and will thereafter be called the Initiator, or Originator, of that work-in-progress. On a separate piece of paper, each Initiator will write their name and the date, plus any expressive, strategic, or documentary information they wish to pass along.


Each Initiator will deliver the new work-in-progress and the accompanying informational sheet to the group-member who follows them in the sequence. Thus, each will receive a work-in-progress and info sheet from the group-member who precedes them in the sequence.

STAGE TWO [Contribution]

Each participant will contribute to the collage they’ve received. They will add their name and the date to the accompanying informational sheet, along with any additional information they wish to include.


Each participant will, like before, deliver the work-in-progress and info sheet to the next group-member.

STAGE THREE [Contribution]

•See Stage Two


•See Second Pass

STAGE FOUR [Contribution]

•See Stage Two


•See Second Pass

STAGE FIVE [Contribution]

•See Stage Two

FIFTH PASS [Full Circle]

See Second Pass. At this point, when the work is delivered, each participant will receive back the collage they, themselves, initiated, now transformed by contributions of the group.

STAGE SIX [Completion]

Each participant will complete the piece they initiated, and thereafter be considered the Principal Author of that piece. Each Principal Author will deliver their completed collage to Berkeley for exhibition.

The PROCESS described in a half-minute, annotated video.