Marissa Decepida-Wong

Sept 13: Originator (MDW) I originally created a different collage for my starter piece but decided to create another collage piece for the Round Table Collaboration. This was inspired by my niece Michelle and Lucie’s wedding. I can’t wait to see what everyone else is and very excited on how the final stage will look like.

Jenny Lloyd

1. Jenny’s starter piece, phase 1
2. starter piece detail
3. Helen’s (@astoriahysteria) starter piece; phase 2 piece started by Cheryl (@stitchpixie) with additions by Helen
4. Helen’s starter piece with Jenny’s additions – phase 2
5. phase 2 detail.
6. phase 3 piece by Cheryl, Helen and Jenny
7. phase 3 detail
8. phase 3 back side ♥

Hannele Rubin

First time participant; we’re all on a journey, but to where and for what purpose? I decided to create a treasure map full of milestones, obstacles and challenges to see where we are all headed…Or how this might stimulate creative ideas among my crew.

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Julia Toal

Excited to try something 3D this time around! The theme of travel/exploration started with a poem I created/found in a magazine. It seems fitting, since this collage will be roaming around to 5 different locations and experiencing it’s own adventure! Can’t wait to see where it goes. Mailed out 9/18/23 for its first trip!

Charlotte Yano

I want to give my collaborators a good base, but one that is interesting and aesthetic on it’s own. I have a vintage encyclopedia set, and it happens to have quite a few maps, the world maps successfully line up with each other. This combination is the overall global map, combined with the map of average rainfall, as of 1898. The yellow straw paper I am using as a underlying border. Base substrate is 400# cold pressed watercolor, adhesive is Golden acrylic heavy body matte medium.

Andrea Mullarkey

I started my collage today. It’s hard not to feel hopeful at the beginning. On this, my third time, I am optimistic that lessons and experiences from the first two rounds will lead to success. Round one I wanted so so badly for the art to be “good” and beautiful. It was, too. What I saw of it anyway; none of them ever came back. The second round I just wanted to see it all the way through. And I did. Only I didn’t really like the resulting art. This time I don’t know what to hope for … but I still feel hopeful. Maybe I just want to play with materials I like and see something nice at the end. That’s a pretty good hope, and maybe also realistic.

Special Agent Starters

Some Starter Collages from Special Agent Collage Collective Mission 15
plus a decorated envelope and a Stage 2!