Unpacking Project No. 9

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2 thoughts on “Unpacking Project No. 9”

  1. Thank you Marty for documenting this exciting component of Project No. 9’s coIIaborative process. On it’s own, the film is a work of art and one of which I wouId Iove to possess. As a participant in Postal Collage Project No. 9, I found viewing it to be particularly provocative. Of course, why wouldn’t I be excited to see the coIIages reveaIed, for the first time, as they were being unpacked from their enveIopes, boxes and bubbIe wrap? For me, watching it was more fun than unwrapping Christmas gifts!

  2. Thanks, Barbara! Getting a hundred collaborative collages in the mail over the course of a few weeks is exciting and rewarding. I feel indebted to you and all the project collaborators for making it happen– this year, and every year. It never gets old.

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